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Our culinary team takes pride in giving you a memorable experience every time you dine with us. While every of our dishes is being prepared with total loving care, come find out some of the highlights that our chefs would especially like you to try out!

Prego’s featured dish of the month :

Truffle Chicken
Traditional Truffle Chicken slow-cooked in natural chicken jus and truffle sauce for a minimum of 48 hours, accompanied by fresh Italian produce like asparagus, red onions and tomatoes. Treat yourself to a succulent roast chicken with a luxury touch from the fragrance of black truffles. 

Qba’s featured dish of the month :

Pato Asado
Brazilian stew beans Feijoada cooked over slow heat in a thick clay pot with pan roasted duck breast, alongside with sautéed chard and orange tamarind essence. Enjoy this typical Portuguese dish with a modern twist under the nostalgic Havana settings of Qba.


Five Sen5es’s featured dish of the month :

Black Cod with Honey Glaze
Baked black cod marinated with honey giving you a sweet yet succulent and buttery taste. The fragrant scent of the honey stays in your mouth awakening your appetite. This mouth-watering dish would leave you wanting for more.


The Living Room’s featured dish of the month :

Nasi Briyani
A wholesome rice-based dish prepared with saffron, cinnamon and cardamom rice, accompanied by chicken, dhal, pickles and crackers. All components put  harmoniously together forming a special aromatic flavor to stimulate your taste buds. It’s no doubt a must-try local delicacy.